Jennifer Mueller – Partner

Game of Thrones House: Stark

Taco: Sausage, egg and cheese (preferably from Bill Miller’s with their iced tea, a ¼ sweet!)

Favorite Live Show: I’m a sucker for comedy shows, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Tucker and Chelsea Handler were all

Spirit Animal: Eagle

Natalie Scott – Partner

Game of Thrones House: Targaryen

Taco: Picadillo and Potato from Casa Garcia’s!

Favorite Live Show: Bjork at Austin City Limits while ON THE STAGE while she performed!!

4 Favorite Things: My dudes (Dustin, Wyatt and Shepard), Yacht Rock, Pure Barre, Green Smoothies, My sweet pups (Bella and Nacha)

Attend any event in the world: Carnival

What’s your Keep Austin Weird moment: Attending the Spamarama Festival and seeing all the spam sculptures, food and crazy Spam fans!!

Spirit animal: My mini dachshund, Bella!

Dustin Scott – Creative Director

Game of Thrones House: Stark

Taco: Carne Guisada

Favorite Live Show: Future Islands

4 Favorite Things: Family – Laughing – The Outdoors – Woodworking

Attend Any Event in the World: The Running of the Bulls

What’s Your Keep Austin Weird Moment: Hanging with Leslie on Valentine’s Day at Casino El Camino. He was dressed like a naughty devil. Pitchfork, tail, horns and red lingerie.  Miss that guy.

Spirit Animal: Reese stole mine so I guess I have to be a Dolphin now.

Katie Irwin – Project Coordinator

Game of Thrones House: Targaryen

Taco: Amaya’s Taco Village – anything from there!

Favorite Live Show: My Dad’s band (Duck Soup) and KISS.

4 Favorite Things: Swimming in large bodies of water, Going to the movies and eating a large popcorn with jalapenos, Riding the cable cars up the hills in San Francisco, My Dogs

Attend Any Event in the World: Burning Man

What’s your Keep Austin Weird Moment: Leslie sightings downtown and his run for mayor!

Spirit Animal: According to buzzfeed…I’m the turtle. But my spirit feels closest to a bird. Free to travel anywhere and see everything.

Joel Weber – Creative Service Manager

Game of Thrones House: Stark

Taco: Fried Avocado

Favorite Live Show: Florence and the Machine outdoors under a full moon! ‘Twas Magical…

4 Favorite Things: Days I Spend Outside – The Feeling After a Good Workout – Killer Smoothies – The Ocean

Attend Any Event in the World: August moon festival in Greece or Rio Carnival in Brazil!

What’s your Keep Austin Weird Moment: Walking on my hands through a crosswalk downtown at a red light or skinny dipping in Barton creek on a full moon 

Spirit Animal: If you could cross a dire wolf and a monkey that’d be me.


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